Spooky Hickory Hills Scenes from Adcock’s Asylum

Once again the Adcock family was awarded the best decorated Halloween house in the city of Hickory Hills. Congratulations to all of their family and friends who made Halloween so special to so many children and adults. Every year the Adcocks not only decorate their front yard in what arguably could be the best Halloween display in the entire Chicagoland area. However, on Halloween day the creeps and ghouls gather at their home for a special day or haunting the hundreds of trick or treaters who are drawn to the festivities. This year, the Adcock’s created a creepy haunted tunnel over the driveway for children who were brave enough to walk through. The tunnel featured live costumed ghouls (family and friends of the Adcocks), spooky music and other scary sounds. The Adcocks house has become a Halloween tradition for many families throughout Hickory Hills and on behalf of the City I wish to thank the family for making Halloween so memorable and fun.