City Map

Moving the Map

  • Click anywhere within the green limits of the map and drag it, or use the arrow buttons to move the map in those respective directions.
  • Click on the + or – signs to zoom the map in or out.

Map Features

  • Clicking any button on the menu column with either activate or deactivate that feature. Active features will display a check mark on that button. The Street Numbers and Landmarks button are active upon opening the map.
  • Streets will hide or display the street numbers and names on the map. Because of the nature of the map, you will have to zoom in to make the text legible.
  • Wards will display or hide an overlay image indicating the ward boundaries of Hickory Hills.
  • Lots will display or hide the lines that indicate how Hickory Hills is divided by individual lots. Because of the nature of the map, you will have to zoom in to make the lots more legible.
  • Zones will display or hide a color overlay indicating how each lot is zoned for use.
  • Minimum Lot Size
    Area (Sq ft) width/depth
    R-1 Single Family Residence 20,000 75/125
    R-2 Single Family Residence 15,000 75/125
    R-3 Single Family Residence 10,000 75/125
    R-4 Single Family Residence 6,600 60/100
    R-5 Multi-Family Residence
    — one family 6,600 60/100
    — multi-family 8,000 60/100
    R-5 Condominium
    C-1 Neighborhood Commercial
    C-2 General Commercial 5,000 50/100
    C-3 Highway Commercial 10,000 80/100
    I-1 Industrial 10,000 80/100
    Detention Pond
    Dedicated Underdeveloped R.O.W.
    P.U.D. Planned Unit Development
    Special Use