Treasurer’s Office

In an effort to better fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities as your City Treasurer, I have become an active member of the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association. In June of 2019, I attended the Association’s annual training conference and in November that same year I attended the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Institute. This consisted of an intensive four-day residential program of professional education for municipal treasurers, general finance officers and certified public accountants. The Institute is uniquely designed to fulfill the educational requirements necessary for certification as a municipal treasurer at both the state and national levels. The Institute is endorsed by the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association and the Association of Public Treasurers of United States and Canada. As your City Treasurer, I intend to continue pursuing additional training provided by the Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association and, the Institute, as part of the certification process.

Treasurer: Alan T. Vodicka

The office of the treasurer is the administrative agent for the city. We are responsible for the accurate and timely reporting to both federal and state agencies, as well as ensuring all cash is properly accounted for and invested. We take pride in accepting our responsibility of ensuring all facets of a well-run office are completed in a timely and accurate manner. We welcome and questions you may have.

City of Hickory Hills financial information can be found on the State’s Comptroller’s website.