Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) insect is a small, metallic green, non native invasive pest, whose larva feeds underneath the bark of ash trees, cutting off the flow of nutrients to the tree, causing the tree to decline in health and ultimately die. Ash trees can be infested with EAB for several years before the trees begin to show signs of EAB infestation.

The Public Works Department has discovered the presence of EAB in our City. The Illinois Dept. of Agricultural confirmed the City of Hickory Hills as being positive for the Emerald Ash Borer in April 2012.

For more information on this pest invasion, please refer to the following frequently asked questions and/or check out the links below:


What does an ash tree look like?

An ash tree’s leaves and branches are arranged oppositely of each other. The leaf is a compound leaflet. Older ash trees have a distinctive diamond bark pattern.

How do I know if my ash tree is infected?

There are several signs and symptoms ash trees begin to show after they are first infested:

  • D-shaped exit holes – 1/8” holes left after adults exit the tree
  • Bark splits – vertical splits in the bark
  • S-shaped feeding galleries – can only be seen when bark is scraped off
  • Woodpecker damage – missing bark beginning at the top of the tree
  • Crown Dieback – foliage at the top may thin
  • Epicormic sprouting – shoots of leaves growing from the trunk

It may take as many as five years after the initial infestation for the tree to begin showing these signs and symptoms. Heavily infested trees may appear healthy. Once a tree begins to show outward signs of infestation, it may only be a short time before the tree totally dies.

Will Hickory Hills remove my dying tree in the City right of way (ROW)?

As budget allows the City works on a one for one removal/replacement program. If the resident is willing to pay for the replacement tree, the City will remove the tree and grind the stump down.

Will Hickory Hills remove my private property tree?

No, the responsibility for private property tree removal is that of the owner of the property. The homeowner should contact a tree contractor for evaluation and recommendation of action.

Will Hickory Hills treat my ROW ash tree?

No, the City will not treat any ROW trees.

Will Hickory Hills remove my ROW ash tree if I pay to have it treated?

The Public Works director must deem the tree a public nuisance according to code 30.08. Treatment does not guarantee the tree will be saved.

Will Public Works pick up the trees cut down by the homeowner?

Public Works has a branch pick up program. We do not pick up any logs. The private property ash trees should be removed by a contractor with a current Hickory Hills license. That contractor should also have signed an EAB compliance agreement with the IL Dept. of Agriculture. Hickory Hills requires that the contractor remove all debris from the tree removed – we will not pick it up.

If I cut the branches myself, how much brush will be picked up at one time?

Public Works must spread their time throughout town. They will not spend more than 15 minutes chipping branches at one address. No logs will be picked up.

Can I take my firewood to my summer home in Wisconsin?

No, Cook County is under quarantine. Firewood cannot be moved out of the county. That is likely how the insect has spread this far.


Go to http://www.illinoiseab.com or http://www.emeraldashborer.info for more information.