Chapter 25 – Electrical Code

25.01-Electrical Code

25.02-Electrical Commission

25.03-Inspection Fees

25.04-Fees–MWRD Sewer Rehabilitation

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The “Chicago Electrical Code” (Group 27, Electrical Systems of the Chicago Building Code 2004) is hereby adopted as the Electrical Code of the City with the following changes, additions or insertions:

“City of Hickory Hills” shall be substituted for “City of Chicago”.

Any amendments to the Chicago Electrical Code after May 1, 2004 shall be effective in the City upon the date of applicability in the City of Chicago.

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(a) Creation. There is hereby established an Electrical Commission which shall consist of 6 members as follows: The Building Commissioner shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Commission; of the other 5 members, one shall be a registered professional engineer, one shall be an electrical contractor, one a journeyman electrician, one a representative of an inspection bureau maintained by the Fire Underwriters, and one a representative of an electrical supply company. If no such representative of the Fire Underwriters shall reside in the City of Hickory Hills, then the Chief of the Fire Department shall be substituted.

(b) Term of Office. Such members other than the Building Superintendent shall be appointed for 3 years by the Mayor, by and with the consent of the City Council. All members shall serve until their successors have been duly appointed and qualified. all members shall serve without compensation.

(c) Function. The Electrical Commission ~hall recommend safe and practical standards and specifications for the installation, alteration and use of electrical equipment designed to meet the necessities and conditions that prevail in the City of Hickory Hills, and shall recommend reasonable rules and regulations governing the issuance of permits by the Electrical Inspection Department and shall recommend reasonable fees to be paid for the inspection by the Electrical Inspection Department of all electrical equipment installed or altered within the city. Such standards and specifications, rules and regulations, and fees shall not become effective until they have been adopted by ordinance by the City Council. All such fees so adopted shall be paid to the City Treasurer. Upon the adoption by ordinance such standards and specifications, rules and regulations, and fees shall at once become operative and thereafter no electrical equipment shall be installed or altered except upon a permit first issued by the Electrical Inspection Department.

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An inspection fee of $50 per inspection shall be paid for all electrical inspections.

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There shall be no permit fee, inspection or reinspection fee for the issuance of a permit requiring electrical work, electricity, or electric power where the work is being done on existing buildings requiring modification of plumbing to conform to Metropolitan Water Reclamation District sewer rehabilitation programs standards requiring the use of electricity or electric power.

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The unit battery enclosure and lamp holder shall be UL approved, and must be metal.

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