Arbor Day Planter Parade

You are cordially invited to the

City of Hickory Hills’ Arbor Day Presentation

Saturday, May 3rd

8 a.m.

City Hall parking lot at 8652 West 95th Street

During the presentation the Mayor will publicly recognize
the artists of the Arbor Day planters.

You are welcome to remain after the presentation to help fill your decorated planter with flowers!

The City of Hickory Hills’ Beautification Committee is sponsoring an exciting event to celebrate Arbor Day called Arbor Day Planter Parade. Students from St. Patricia School and Conrady Junior High School have decorated 14 planters. These ordinary clay planters have been transformed into beautiful works of art reflecting the hard work and talent of close to 60 young people in our community. At the City of Hickory Hills Arbor Day Tree Sale on May 3rd, these students will be recognized for their efforts and, if the weather permits, will stay to help plant flowers in their pots. These delightful and charming planters will be set in the park adjacent to City Hall to beautify our community.

Thanks esepcially to the teachers, Mrs. Lupe Johnson of St. Patricia’s and Mr. Todd Baran of Conrady, who guided the students in this artistic endeavor. The generosity of local businesses has also contributed to the success of the Arbor Day Planter Parade. DeJay’s Ace Hardware of Hickory Hills at 9642 S. Roberts Road donated all of the plants. Clovers Garden Center located at 87th Street and 88th Avenue donated the potting soil. And Golden Gate Nursery in Frankfort is donating the flowers. The generosity of these businesses and the efforts of these teachers have made this project the success it is!