Starry Child Foundation

Mayor Michael Howley of Hickory Hills came to a presentation by the 4th grade students of St. Patricia School. The students have been learning about the free enterprise system in Social Studies and they have worked as a company to make, package and sell Christmas cards. The name of the company is the Starry Child Foundation. It was started 5 years ago by the present day 8th graders with the aim of helping families in our school who were struggling financially at that time.

It is a 3 week unit which includes the practical and the academic sides of learning about how the free enterprise system works. The students have been working very hard and were thrilled when the mayor came to hear their presentation. They explained what the Starry Child Foundation was and they gave a synopsis of the artists and the techniques used by the student artists. This year the artwork was done by seventh graders Thomas Matonis, Cortney McInerney, Jacob Stypula and Jimmy Kikilas. The fourth grade artist is Deszarai Tate.

The free enterprise system presenters were Brice Wyderski, Alex Chaidez, Drew DeGonia and D.J. Glogowski.

Afterwards the mayor posed with the presenters and one of the artists, Deszarai Tate. We are thankful that we have such a wonderful mayor that makes time to visit the schools in his city.