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Spring 2009 Cost Sharing Parkway Tree Program

The City sponsors a Cost Sharing Parkway Tree Planting Program each spring. The resident pays for the price of the tree and the City pays for the delivery, planting and mulch.

This season we are offering six different species of trees (click an image to see a larger picture):

Honeylocust 2009_0130_honeylocust
Callery Pear 2009_0130_pear
Freeman Maple 2009_0130_maple
Ginko 2009_0130_ginko
Flowering Crabapple 2009_0130_crabapple
Japanese Tree Lilac 2009_0130_lilac

Prices range from $131.00 to $193.00 for a 2” diameter tree.

Download, print, and fill out the order form or call Public Work at (708) 598-7855 for an information packet. All orders must be placed by February 27, 2009.