March 26, 2009 City Council Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Hickory Hills City Council was called to order by Mayor Mike Howley on Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 7:31 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.


Mayor Howley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Upon roll call, the following were present:

  • Mayor, M. Howley
  • Aldermen
    L. DeRose
    T. McAvoy
    M. McHugh
    J. Moirano
    J. Stachnik
    J. Szeszycki
  • City Clerk J, Jackson
  • City Treasurer, D. Schramm
  • City Attorney, M. Cainkar
  • Chief of Police, A. Vodicka
  • City Engineer, T. Lang
  • Building Commissioner, G. Betcher
  • Public Works Director, L. Boettcher
  • Deputy City Clerk, D. Catizone

Aldermen Ferrero and Zimmerman were absent. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order.


Chief Vodicka presented a video in which the following Officers responded to a call which lead to charges of the individuals involved. Officers included Sgt. Jason Bray, Detective Adam Gulczynski, Officer Erv Wee Sit and Officer Joseph Clark. Chief Vodicka congratulated the Officers on a job well done.


Alderman Moirano moved to open the meeting to the public. Alderman Szeszycki second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, aye. So approved.

Mr. Bernie Flynn
8926 Sycamore Dr.

Mr. Flynn wanted a status report on the sewer problem near his home. Mayor Howley reported we are undertaking flow monitoring in the Blue Ridge area and when this is complete will be moving into Mr. Flynn’s area. He also noted smoke testing has taken place and there was a cross section on Willow Road that was very significant. This is now being worked on. The ultimate goal is to complete a sanitary sewer lining of the Blue Ridge Area and the area on Willow Road. Mr. Boettcher said they are attempting to identify where the water is coming from. These are steps that the City is doing and they are hopeful that the recent repairs will help in Mr. Flynn’s area.

Mr. Angelo Vaci
8818 W.89th Street

Mr. Vaci has returned to the Council Meeting with an update on his backyard sewer problem. He noted Public Works came to his house today and placed dirt and sod around the basin in his backyard. Mayor Howley noted when 88th Avenue is completed that might relieve some of Mr. Vaci’s backyard. The City is hoping this project will start spring of 2010.

Mr. Vince Rollberg
9423 S. 77th Court

Mr. Rollberg was present to express his concerns with the new Les Brothers Restaurant. He is confused because he heard the new restaurant was Les Brothers now it is Prime Time Restaurant and Bar and they want to have another restaurant. Mayor Howley stated nothing has been brought before the Council as of today for additional variations. He assured Mr. Rollberg that Les Brothers would need to come before the Zoning Board if any changes needed to be done and it is premature to speculate at this time.

Mayor Howley at this time gave an update on the McDonald’s property. He has spoken to McDonald’s and they are moving forward and action will be taken on this property. This would include a new zoning process.


Alderman McAvoy moved to close the meeting to the public. Alderman Stachnik second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.


Alderman Moirano moved to approve the minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of March 12, 2009 as printed subject to deletions or corrections. Alderman Szeszycki second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.



    Mayor Howley reported Public Works would like to enter into a Public Works Mutual Aid Network. Mr. Boettcher noted this would be beneficial to the City. The charge would be $100.00 per year. Consensus of the Council was to move forward on this agreement.

    Motorcycle Awareness Month

    Mayor Howley proclaimed May Motorcycle Awareness Month and presented a proclamation.


    Clerk Jackson is in receipt of two requests for donations. 1) Kiwanis is requesting placing an ad in the Kiwanis Showcase of Talent ad book. 2) Argo is seeking a donation for their Band Program. Alderman Szeszycki moved to approve $50.00 to each organization. Alderman Stachnik second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.

    Clerk Jackson has spoke to the Census representative in our area and she is requesting to use the Council Chambers from May 8th through June 15th. No objections were noted.

    Clerk Jackson noted early voting starts March 16th. Locations near us are Bridgeview Courthouse and Oak Lawn city hall.


    No report submitted.


    Attorney Mike Cainkar presented Ord. 09-05, an ordinance amending Section 13.3, scavenger service, of the Hickory Hills Municipal Code by changing the scavenger service fee. ($21.10 per month, senior $20.10). Alderman Moirano moved to approve Ordinance 09-05. Alderman McHugh second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.


    Mr. Lang presented Resolution 09-06, a MFT resolution appropriating the sum of $500,000.00 for the purpose of street resurfacing. Alderman McHugh moved to approve Res. 09-06. Alderman Moirano second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.



Alderman Stachnik moved to approve bills payable for the second half of March 2009 in the amount of $237,946.84. Alderman DeRose second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.



    No report submitted.

    Zimmerman/Public Safety

    Chief Vodicka distributed information regarding a mortgage fraud case which one of our officers was very instrumental.

    Moirano/Public Works

    Alderman Moirano reported that under the Clear Water Program over 70 percent of the multifamily structures and most of the commercial establishments have been inspected. In addition, sanitary manholes are being inspected for infiltration and repaired if necessary.


    Alderman McHugh reported a Community Dinner will be held on April 2nd from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    DeRose/Laws & Ordinances Ordinances

    No report submitted.

    Stachnik/Health & Environmental Control/Recycling

    No report submitted.

    Ferrero/Community Services/Youth Advisory

    Alderman Ferrero was absent. No report submitted.

    McAvoy/Chamber/Business Development

    Alderman McAvoy reported Hills Chamber held a general meeting and luncheon on March 25th at Sabre Room.

    Alderman McAvoy noted he has talked to Hickory Palos Square Shopping Center Management and they have agreed to the proposed signage and is waiting drafts.

    Alderman McAvoy reported Mr. Curtis of the Hickory Palos Square Laundry mat will be at the April 9th meeting to discuss the lighting issue.


Alderman Stachnik reported he applauded the City Council for approving the elected officials pay freeze which he also supports.


Alderman DeRose announced St. Patricia Church will hold its golf outing on July 11th.


Alderman Moirano moved to adjourn the meeting until the next regularly scheduled or specially called meeting. Alderman Szeszycki second. Aldermen DeRose, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki aye. So approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.