Support Our Brave Military Men and Women Through Kruse’s Krew Program

An Kruse's Krew recipient enjoys a snack

Mr. Jim Kruse is a real American hero who not only has served our country, but now volunteers his time for an organization called Kruse’s Krew. Jim collects donations of nonperishable items and then packages and sends these donations to Army and Marine platoons in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Through Jim’s TIRELESS efforts, he and his group of volunteers now support 7 platoons and 13 Chaplains from different denominations. You may have seen Jim’s Kruse’s Krew collection boxes in several area stores.

Kruse's Krew recipients enjoying their snacks

Jim collects donations of hard candy, magazines, comic books and comic strips, religious medallions, books, DVDs, toiletries, canned food, board games, playing cards, socks and even underwear. All donations are sent directly to our troops. Many of the soldiers that Jim’s Kruse’s Krew supports have no families or friends so they almost never even receive a greeting card.

Kruse's Krew recipients enjoying their snacks

The City provides Jim a room at the Community Center to store these donated items until they are packaged and sent to our troops. The City also will display Jim’s donation box in both the donate and will allow our residents a convenient means to help support these men and women who valiantly defend our freedom.