Thank You To Street Fair Bingo Tent Super Bingo Game Sponsors

The “Hot Bingo and Cold Beer Tent” at the June 28th Hickory Hills Street Fair was a huge success. The tent was busy most of the day with bingo players having fun in the parking lot donated by Gary Bukovsky State Farm Insurance at 9253 South Roberts Road.

In addition to being a fun event, the bingo tent was also a fundraiser for deserving local organizations. After expenses, net proceeds were $1,665.77, which will be evenly divided between the Sertoma Speech and Hearing Center, the Hickory senior Task Force and the Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Alderman Tom McAvoy (3rd), who coordinates the bingo tent operation, thanked the dozens of volunteers who “pitched in” to help run the games and the work the beer concession.

In addition to the regular “split the pot” payoffs, bingo game winners were also awarded “bonus” prizes donated by a host of local businesses. The bonus prizes (which totaled over $4,200.00 in value) included cash, gift certificates and products. The Grand Prize Winner (for the final “coverall” bingo game) received $750 plus in game pots and prizes.

Mayor Mike Howley, Ald. McAvoy and the City Council extend their appreciation to the businesses listed below, which donated bonus prizes.

95th Produce Market
7759 W. 95th Street

Ace Hardware
9642 S. Roberts Road

Alondra’s Hair Salon
8841 W. 87th St.

Archer Bank
9504 S. Roberts Road

Craven’s Pub
8833 W. 87th St.

CVS Pharmacy
8711 West 87th Street

Delicious Creations
8805 S. Roberts Rd.

Edward Jones Investments
10039 S. Roberts Road

Fairplay Foods
8631 W. 95th St.

Gary S. Garofalo Dentistry
8825 W. 95th Street

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
8110 W. 95th St.

Hairs It
9251 S. Roberts Road

Hickory Hills Car Wash
8856 W. 87th St.

Hickory Hills Country Club
8201 W. 95th Street

Hickory Hills Gas Depot
8801 West 87th Street

Hickory Hills Soap Opera Laundromat
9624 S. Roberts Road

Hickory West Inn
8600 W. 95th St

Hills Drug Store
9050 West 81st Street

Janosik Banquet Hall
9126 S. Roberts Rd.

Jewel Food Store
9528 S. Roberts Rd.

Koko’s Kafe
9505 S. Roberts Rd.

Kowal’s Bar and Grill
9401 S. Roberts Rd.

Laurie Evans State Farm Insurance
8623 West 95th Street

Les Brothers Restaurant
7730 W. 95th Street

Lewis University
9634 S. Roberts Road

Marquette National Bank
9503 S. Roberts Road

McDonald’s of Hickory Hills
8715 W. 95th Street

Osco Drugs
9534 S. Roberts Road

Palos Chiropractic & Holistic Health
10059 S. Roberts Road

Palos Township
10802 S. Roberts Road

Papa Pizzanos
9525 S. 79th Avenue

Peppo’s Dili Deli
10303 S. Roberts Rd.

Quizno’s Restaruant
8067 W. 95th Street

Rico’s Barber Shop
9330 S. Roberts Rd.

Sabre Room
8900 West 95th Street

Sammie’s Café
8657 W. 95th Street

Scotty’s Lawn Service
8940 West 101st Place

8040 W. 95th Street

8703 W. 95th Street

Standard Bank
7800 West 95th Street

Taco Bell
8760 W. 95th Street

Taqueria Don Tono Restaurant
8843 W. 87th St.

Tastee Freez
9348 S. Roberts Road

TechniCraft Auto Body & Towing
8349 S. Roberts Rd.

The Dirty Sock Bar and Grill
9300 S. Roberts Rd.

THE DON Fight Nite at the Sabre Room
8900 West 95th Street

Vito & Nick’s Hickory II Pizza
9644 S. Roberts Rd.

Walgreens Drug Store
8800 West 95th Street

Windy City Thunderbolts
14011 S. Kenton Ave.

World of Fitness
9650 S. Roberts Rd.