Webelos become Hickory Hills Aldermen

On Thursday, October 8th, the Webelos 2 of Cub Scout Pack 4728 met with mayor Mike Howley and 4th ward alderman Tom McAvoy at Hickory Hills City Hall to learn more about how city governments work. All of the Webelos were elected as aldermen from the night and participated in a mock city council meeting in which they debated some serious issues, including whether to increase the number of small animals allowed per household from 2 to 4 (the yays had it), and whether elephants and tigers should be allowed as house pets (the nays won that one).

Webelos with Hickory Hills mayor Mike Howley and 4th Ward Alderman Tom McAvoy

Pack 4728 would like to thank Mayor Howley and Alderman McAvoy for their generosity and their hospitality, and for teaching them a very important civics lesson.