September 9, 2010 City Council Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Hickory Hills City Council was called to order by Mayor Mike Howley on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at 7:35 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.


Mayor Howley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Upon roll call, the following were present:

  • Mayor, M. Howley
  • Aldermen:
    L. DeRose
    D. Ferrero
    T. McAvoy
    M. McHugh (7:40 p.m.)
    J. Moirano
    J. Stachnik
    J. Szeszycki
    S. Zimmerman
  • City Clerk, J. Jackson
  • City Treasurer, D. Schramm
  • City Attorney, V. Cainkar
  • Police Chief, A. Vodicka
  • City Engineer, T. Lang
  • Public Works Director, L. Boettcher
  • Deputy Clerk, D. Catizone

Building Commissioner Gordon Betcher was absent. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order.


Alderman DeRose moved to open the meeting to the public. Alderman Moirano second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmemnan aye. So approved.

Helen Campbell
9115 S. 85th Avenue

Mrs. Campbell voiced her concerns regarding the ditch in front of her house. Mayor Howley noted the City Engineer, the Public Works Director, and the two aldermen have reviewed this situation and at this time are in the process of weighing the options.


Alderman McAvoy moved to close the meeting to the public. Alderman Szeszycki second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.


Alderman Stachnik moved to approve the minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of August 26, 2010 as printed subject to deletions or corrections. Alderman Zimmerman second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.



    Lions Club

    Mayor Howley reported the Lions Club has provided brochures for the upcoming 5K Race.

    76th Avenue Turning Lane

    Mayor Howley noted he will be attending a meeting with McDonald’s on Tuesday afternoon to discuss approval of the agreement with IDOT. This meeting will be held in Oakbrook at 11 :30 a.m. McDonald’s will do the striping of the turning lane.

    95th Street

    Mayor Howley forwarded an email with some of the projected traffic problems on 95th Street. This has caused some concerns and the City is looking for alternatives. Brent Lewis from Landscape Architects, who has been looking for an alternate material for this surface on 95th and Roberts Road, has submitted some different options. The Mayor has sent these pictures to the Council for review and he will keep the Council updated.

    St. Patricia Pond

    Mayor Howley distributed a landscape plan for the St. Patricia Pond located at the southwest comer of 88th Avenue and 89th Street. This plan would include sod removal, bed edging, mulch, ornamental trees, deciduous shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and outcropping stone. The estimate cost is $20,080.00. After some discussion, the Council would like a low maintenance plan. Consensus of the Council was to move forward with this plan.

    Liquor License Request

    Mayor Howley is in receipt of a request from one of our local bars to change the time for the sale of liquor from 12:00 to 11 :00 am on Sundays. This is to accommodate the start of football season and the local establishments could open an hour before the game. Alderman Szeszycki moved to direct the City Attorney prepare an ordinance with this change.

    Alderman McAvoy second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.


    Clerk Jackson reported she is in receipt of a request from St. Patricia to hold a Pep Rally on Friday, September 24th. They are requesting a temporary liquor license. They are also requesting a parade pennit for that same date at 6:30 p.m. The parade route will be from Kasey Meadows to St. Patricia. No objections were noted.

    Clerk Jackson reminded the Council the deadline for the newsletter is Friday, September 10th.

    Clerk Jackson reported the voter registration deadline is October 1 st for the November 2nd election.

    Clerk Jackson noted the City Attorney has distributed information regarding the Consolidated Election on April 5, 2011. The first day to circulate petitions is September 21st.

    Clerk Jackson commented the Blood Drive was quite a success and thanked the volunteers for their efforts.


    No report submitted.


    No report submitted.


    No report submitted.



Alderman Moirano moved to approve bills payable for thrmen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.

Treasurer Schramm noted there is a manual check in the amount of $236,965.70 to Schramm Construction for work done on the roofs at Parkview. This item will appear on the September 23rd accounts payable report. Alderman Moirano moved to approve this manual check in the amount of $236,965.70. Alderman McHugh second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.



    Alderman Szeszycki reported he and Treasurer Schramm met with the representatives A.I. Gallagher Risk Management Services to go over the renewal of our Casualty and Property Insurance and Workman’s Comp. The quotes came in the best from our current carriers of US American Specialty and Hartford. The City has increased the value of our property by 6% or 1.2 million dollars, but he noted a decrease in premium of 2% this year. The City is looking into a reduction in our service contract. His recommendation is to accept a 3 year fee agreement for A.J. Gallagher services for both casualty and property and the workman’s comp insurance at a rate of $45,000.00 minimum with a maximum cap of $50,000.00. The payments would be done in halves – first one in October and the second in December. One area which was reduced was the pesticide sublimit from 1 million to $300,000.00. This was non-negligible. Public Works Director stated this would not be an issue. The most the City sprays for are the weeds on the streets. No objections were noted.

    Zimmerman/Public Safety

    No report submitted.

    Moirano/Public Works

    No report submitted.


    No report submitted.

    DeRose/Health & Environmental Control/Recycling

    Alderman DeRose reported he is in receipt of one business license application for Wireless Vision, LLC. located at 9602 S. Roberts Road, C2B. This is a cellular phone store. No objections were noted.

    Stachnik/Laws & Ordinances

    No report submitted.

    Ferrero/Community Services/Youth Advisory Board

    Alderman Ferrero reported she has invited the Youth Board to help pack the boxes for the troops on Tuesday, September 21,2010.


    Alderman McAvoy reported the Chamber’s Networking Breakfast will be on Wednesday, September 15th at Koko’s and the golf outing will be on Wednesday, September 22nd at Palos Golf Course.




Alderman Ferrero questioned if the flags on the bills payable this evening were flags for the street lights? Mr. Boettcher noted these are American Flags.


Alderman Ferrero moved to adjourn until the next scheduled or specially called meeting. Alderman Stachnik second. Aldermen DeRose, Ferrero, McAvoy, McHugh, Moirano, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Zimmerman aye. So approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.