September 19, 2011 Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals Journal of Proceedings

September 19, 2011


The Public Hearing of the Hickory Hills Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals seated as a Plan Commission was called to order by Chairman Ernst on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 7:32 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.


Upon roll call, the following were present:

  • Chairman, E. Ernst
  • Secretary, S. Imam
  • Members:
    B. McLaughlin
    G. Young
    J. Guest
  • Recording Secretary, C. Doherty

Ms. Gallagher and Mr. Blunk were absent. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order.


Mr. Ernst stated the purpose of this meeting is to consider a request from J.P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A. for a variation for the rear yard setback requirement of 25’ to a proposed 10.8’ rear yard setback to fit a proposed drive-through banking building and parking layout. Presently, this property is zoned C3 Highway Commercial.

At this time, Chairman Ernst swore in the witnesses, Mr. Jason Golub, the architect from Nudell Architects, and Mr. Terry Pastorino, J.P. Morgan Chase’s V.P. of Retail Real Estate. Mr. Ernst noted that requirements of the ordinance have been followed in that adjacent property owners have been notified, legal notice placed in the paper, proper fees paid, and an affidavit verifying posting of a sign on the property in question provided.


Mr. Golub, the architect for the Petitioner, stated that the Blockbuster building which is approximately 4200 sq. ft. and presently located at 9540 S. Roberts Road will be demolished. A new Chase Bank will be built requiring a rear yard setback variation of 10.8’ rather than the required 25’. This is a hardship case for the Petitioner because without it, an entire row of parking spaces along Roberts Road will be lost after construction.


Mr. Ernst read all the reports from the reviewers and those comments are attached.


Mr. Ernst opened the meeting to the public.

Ms. Dina Shackleton
5539 S. Mayfield
Chicago, IL

Ms. Shackleton, the Blockbuster store manager of the building in question, stated that she, her employees and management above her had no knowledge of the impending closing and demolishment of the Blockbuster building. She asked if there was anyway to stop this action. Mr. Ernst suggested she attend the next Council meeting on September 22nd and speak at the “Open to the Public” portion.

Mr. Pastorino stated that Chase Bank has been dealing with the developer who originally made them aware that this particular parcel would be available for building. Mr. Ernst stated that the owner has given permission for Chase Bank to petition this Board for the variation before us now.

Mr. Young questioned the time limitation on building permits issued. Mr. Ernst stated a project has one year from start to completion unless an extension is requested and granted.


Mr. Ernst closed the meeting to the public.

Mr. Pastorino again stated the hardship here involves the number of parking spaces needed for this size building. Their usual requirement for this size building is 35 to 40 spaces with a minimum of 30. This building has 21. Any loss of spaces would not allow the available parking to accommodate customers. There is an agreement in place with Jewel to allow Chase Bank employees to park in the shopping center spaces.


A 5 minute recess was taken at this time.

Mr. Ernst called the meeting back to order.


Mr. Imam moved to grant the request of the Petitioner, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank N.A., for a variation at 9540 S. Roberts Road in Hickory Hills, IL 60457. Zoning is currently C3 Highway Commercial. Lot area of 10,000 sq. ft. with minimum dimensions of 80’ x 100’ is met. Side yard setbacks of 10’/25’ are required and are met. The front yard setback of 20’ meets the requirements. The Petitioner is requesting a variation for the rear yard setback requirement of 25’ to a proposed 10.8’ rear yard setback to fit a proposed drive-through banking building and parking layout.

Finally, the Petitioner is to comply with the requirements of all the reviewers. Mr. Guest second.

Roll call on motion to grant request of Petitioner: Mr. Imam, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Young, Mr. Guest, Mr. Ernst aye. So approved. Therefore, the recommendation is to approve.

Mr. Ernst noted this would appear on the September 22, 2011 City Council Agenda.


Mr. Guest moved to adjourn this hearing until the next scheduled hearing. Mr. McLaughlin second. Vote unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.