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2014 Lights of Hickory Hills Contest


The winners of the 2014 Lights of Hickory Hills Contest were recently announced. The Winners were acknowledged at a recent Council meeting. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

First Ward:

1st Place Klimek Residence
7818 W. 98th Street

2nd Place Resident at:
9318 S. 78th Avenue

Second Ward:

1st Place Majka Residence
9120 S. 85th Avenue

2nd Place Strus Residence
9231 S. 85th Avenue

Third Ward:

1st Place Leja Residence
9017 W. 89th Street

2nd Place Selvek Residence
8848 W. 92nd Place

Fourth Ward:

1st Place Kubis Residence
8800 S. 83rd Avenue

2nd Place Ayala Residence
8815 Pleasant Avenue