October 26, 2017 City Council Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2017 City Council Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Hickory Hills City Council was called to order by Mayor Mike Howley on Thursday, October 26, 2017, at 7:31 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.


Mayor Mike Howley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Upon roll call, the following were present:

  • Mayor, M. Howley
    Aldermen, D. Ferrero
    H. Kman
    M. McHugh
    J. Stachnik
    J. Szeszycki
    B. Waight
  • City Clerk, D. Catizone
  • City Attorney, M. Cainkar
  • City Treasurer, D. Schramm
  • Police Chief, A. Vodicka
  • Chief Engineer, M. Spolar
  • Public Works Director, L. Boettcher

Aldermen Fonte and Zimmerman were absent. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order.


Alderman Stachnik moved to open the meeting to the public. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.

No one spoke during this portion of the meeting.


Alderman Waight moved to close the meeting to the public. Alderman Kman second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.


Alderman McHugh moved to approve the minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of October 12, 2017 as printed subject to deletions or corrections. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.



Finding of Fact North Palos School Dist. 117 – Mayor Howley presented the Finding of Fact for the North Palos School District 117 for a Transportation Center located at 9503-9505 South Roberts Road, Hickory Hills. A public hearing was conducted on October 16, 2017. The Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved the request to grant a special use for a Transportation Center at 9503-9505 South Roberts Road in Hickory Hills, IL. The intent is to convert the former Coco’s restaurant facility into a bus maintenance garage and convenience center for drivers. Mayor Howley noted School District #117 representatives are present if the Council has any questions. Mayor Howley stated the Special Use Request only pertains to the Coco’s property and half of the parking lot. The parcel which Marquette Bank is located on and half the parking lot are not included in the special use request. Mayor Howley stated the School District is in agreement to this modification. Alderman Waight moved to approve the Finding of Fact for School District #117 Special Use request of the property located at 9305-9505 S. Roberts Road. Alderman McHugh second. Alderman Szeszycki asked if the School District purchased all three parcels. Mayor Howley confirmed, yes all three were purchased. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.

Alderman Waight along with the City Council congratulated School District #117 on receiving the Blue Ribbon Award. Mayor Howley thanked the School District for working cooperatively with the City.

Veterans Day Ceremony – Mayor Howley announced the City will hold a Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Saturday, November 11th at 9:00 a.m. at City Hall. All are welcome.

Alderman McAvoy Celebration – Mayor Howley also announced a celebration to honor Former Alderman Tom McAvoy will be held on Tuesday, November 7th at the Community Center. This event will be in conjunction with the City’s Community Dinner.

Condolences – Mayor Howley expressed his sympathy to Alderman Scott Zimmerman and his wife, Debbie Zimmerman, on the passing of Mrs. Carolyn Simone (Debbie’s Mom). Services will be Friday evening at Lack and Sons Funeral Home.

5K Run – Mayor Howley reported we had a record year and a great turnout for our 5K Race. He thanked the School District for their cooperation and participation in the race. It has turned into a great event. Mayor Howley thanked Clerk Catizone and Sharon Marciano for organizing such a great event.


City Clerk Catizone announced Stagg High School is holding a craft show on November 11th and November 12th to raise funds for the music programs at Stagg High School.

Clerk Catizone thanked all who helped make the “Howl Through the Hills 5K” such a great event. She recognized Mayor Howley for his efforts and understanding with all her questions and endless details. Clerk Catizone also thanked Sharon Marciano from her office for all the hard work and organizing this race. She continues to make it bigger and better every year! With over 330 registered runners this year, this event continues to grow. A special thank you to Alderman Ferrero for helping with the volunteers and always lending a hand when its needed. She also thanked Alderman McHugh for gathering his team to handle the course. Lastly, a big thank you to Sue Lehr from Public Works. From beginning with planning of the race to the end of the day, Sue was there and made sure everything went according to plans.

On a sad note, Clerk Catizone expressed her sympathy to Alderman Zimmerman and his family.


Treasurer Schramm presented the Treasurer’s Report dated September 30, 2017 for approval. Alderman McHugh moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated September 30, 2017. Alderman Szeszycki second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight. So approved.


No report submitted.


No report submitted.



Alderman Szeszycki moved to approve the bills payable for the second half of October 2017 in the amount of $198,960.77. Alderman McHugh second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.



Alderman Szeszycki distributed the Video Gaming Revenue Report through September, 2017. He noted revenues are running steady.

Stachnik/Public Safety

Alderman Stachnik reported a copy of the Police Quarterly Productivity Report for the period July, August and September, 2017 was distributed to the Council along with the Chronic Nuisance Property Report for the 3rd Quarter, 2017.

Chief Vodicka announced the HH Blood Drive will be held Sunday, November 5th at the Community Center from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Zimmerman/Public Works

Public Works Director Boettcher reported he distributed the proposed street renovation program for 2018 at the last Council Meeting. Public Works received no expressed concerns regarding the proposed program. He will then turn this over to Robinson Engineering to investigate existing conditions and prepare the bid program for a spring bid.

Mr. Boettcher noted Public Works is disappointed that the storm sewer along 85th Avenue and Court project recently completed has left a half-street trampled heavily, degraded and unsightly because of heavy construction activity. He is recommending that these half streets be micro-surfaced with a single (1) coat to fill the pavement factures. Public Works estimates the cost at approximately $35,000.00. This can be decided at a later time and would not be out of MFT Funds.

Mr. Boettcher reported Public Works has sent four (4) requests for proposals to remove trees, grind stumps for sixteen (16) trees and grind the stumps of twenty-six (26) trees removed by Public Works. The lowest proposal received was from AM Tree Service, Inc. in the amount of $6,190.00.
The work must be completed by the end of the year. Public Works is recommending Council approve a purchase order for this company. Mr. Boettcher stated residents in need of tree removal on private property will be given the name and phone number of this company. No objections were noted.

Mr. Boettcher noted at Pump House #1 a submersible pump has gone bad after sixteen (16) years and will need to be replaced. The cost of a new pump is $17,500.00. Metropolitan Industries is the company that will be replacing this pump. No objections were noted.

Mr. Boettcher reported Public Works is awaiting a sample of an amber color street light for 91st Street. He will notify the Council the light is installed for their review.

Mr. Boettcher stated this week Public Works has received the ComEd Property Lease Agreement. Attorney Mike Cainkar will review this agreement.


Alderman McHugh reported the free Thanksgiving Dinner will be held at the Community Center for residents only on Tuesday, November 7th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. If any of the Council would like to volunteer to help on this evening,
it would be appreciated.

Alderman McHugh requested Public Works repair a few potholes in the parking lot of Parkview Apartments.

Alderman McHugh expressed his sympathy to the family of Mike Pryal. Mr. Pryal was a resident and member of the St. Patricia Holy Name Society.

Waight/Laws & Ordinances

Alderman Waight reported he is in receipt of one business certificate application for Pillars – Head Start Program to be located at 8849 W. 87th Street. This is an extension of the Pillars located at 87th Street and Roberts Road. No objections were noted.

Fonte/Health & Environmental Control

Alderman Fonte was absent. No report submitted.

Ferrero/Community Affairs/Youth Advisory

Alderman Ferrero reported the Children’s Halloween Party on October 21st went very well. Mayor Howley thanked Debbie and the Community Affairs Committee for all their work on this event.

Alderman Ferrero stated the Committee is now working on the next event which is the Tree Lighting on November 21st at 6:30 p.m. The Children’s Christmas Party will be held on December 9th. The Lights of Hickory Hills Contest will be judged on December 19th.

Kman/Chamber Business Development

Alderman Kman reported he met with the Hills Chamber President, Phyllis Majka, at the 5K race and assisted in counting the ballots for the Scarecrow judging.






Alderman Ferrero moved to adjourn the meeting until the next regularly scheduled or specially called meeting. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Ferrero, Kman, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight aye. So approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.