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2019 Lights of Hickory Hills Winners


Congratulations to the 2019 Lights of Hickory Hills winners.

2019-FIRSTWARDFirst Ward
1st Place – Palmer Residence 8819 South 79th Avenue
2nd Place – Montiel Residence 9318 South 78th Court

2019-SECONDWARDSecond Ward
1st Place – Murphy Residence 9101 South 83rd Court
2nd Place – Muhr Residence 9225 South 86th Court

2019-THIRDWARDThird Ward
1st Place – Selvek Residence 8848 West 92nd Place
2nd Place – Kelly Residence 9125 West 92nd Place

2019-FOURTHWARDFourth Ward
1st Place – Kaishas Residence 8143 West 89th Place
2nd Place – Marsik Residence 8708 South 82nd Avenue