State Extends Stay At Home Order to April 30, 2020

State Extends Stay At Home Order to April 30, 2020

As you are probably just hearing now, the Stay at Home Order has been extended to April 30, 2020. It is always hard to present seemingly surreal data regarding the COVID-19 pandemic while at the same time discussing how we must go about our daily life activities. Nevertheless, we must keep on living our lives while respecting and following the public health rules that will save thousands of lives in Illinois. We are so proud of how our community has complied with these Stay at Home directives and recognized that each person’s actions could impact public safety. BETTER DAYS AHEAD IF WE ALL STICK TOGETHER!

COVID-19 Public Health Database

First, some sobering news that COVID-19 cases indeed are in virtually every suburb, including Hickory Hills, where 7 cases are reported to date. Testing still remains insufficient, though more and more tests are being completed throughout the region. STAY HOME SAVES LIVES is a regional marketing campaign that our City, in partnership with the City of Chicago and many other suburban communities, has adopted to remind our citizens of the ongoing importance of the Stay at Home Order and public social distancing mandates.

Here is a Cook County Public Health Link that shows current number of cases in each jurisdiction. It is my understanding that for medical privacy reasons, exact locations may not be included.

Food Pantry and Errand Assistance

Alderman Scott Zimmerman would like our residents to know that the Hickory Hills Presbyterian church has installed a micro pantry in front of the church located at 8426 W. 95th St (95th St. side). The church will continue to keep it stocked. Alderman Zimmerman stated that it is a take what you need or leave what you can micropantry box. The wooden food box is located right near the main entrance doors on 95th Street.

Clerk Dee Catizone and her clerk’s staff also have been filling a little necessities box in front of City Hall. Thanks to all of the wonderful residents who left donations in the back of city hall as we have used those to fill the little necessities box. We have been filling it up every other night for the last two weeks and will continue until our donations run out.

Also, Clerk Dee Catizone has a city vetted group of volunteers who are willing to help a person in need with grocery store shopping and other errands. Please contact Dee at or call city hall at 708/598-4800 if you or someone that you know could use some assistance.

City Arbor Day Event Postponed

Due to COVID-19, the City must indefinitely postpone the Saturday, May 2, 2020 scheduled annual Arbor Day Event. Efforts will be made to reschedule for another date.

Top Ten Things to Break the COVID-19 Doldrums

1) Order Take Out from Local Restaurant! Our local restaurants need our help to survive this crisis so take a break from cooking and order food from our wonderful local restaurants;
2) Don’t miss an opportunity to thank our health care workers, first responders, public works employees, delivery, restaurant and grocery store workers who put themselves in harms way each day;
3) Don’t burden yourself with partisan political bickering and embrace that we are all Americans united to defeat this virus;
4) Perform random acts of kindness. Surprise a friend or neighbor with a simple call or offer to help them in some way… may lift your spirits as well;
5) Share family movie night suggestions with friends. I offer Ford vs. Ferrari and Imagine That;
6) Walk the neighborhood or area Forest Preserve trails and bike paths… will do your body and mind good;
7) Keep a smile on your face knowing that this is a temporary situation;
8) Be grateful for what you have;
9) Get a jump on spring cleaning;
10) Take a Break from Constant COVID News Cycle for Some Laughter;

Sebastian Maniscalco is a comedian from Arlington Heights who performed a 3 minute stand-up routine about social distancing at following link (two curse words but otherwise family friendly).

We could all use a good laugh so enjoy.


Mayor Mike, City Clerk Catizone and the entire City Council