April 6, 2020 Update from the Mayor

April 6, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Happy Monday evening.  For those of you keeping track, this would have been the White Sox 10th game of the season.  They would have been hosting the Seattle Mariners this evening at the Rate.  My hunch is the Sox would be undefeated and the Cubs would be struggling and wishing they had Joe Maddon back.  😊


The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) announced 1,006 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois. Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 12,262 cases including 307 deaths in 73 counties in Illinois. Cases by county can be found on the state’s coronavirus website at coronavirus.illinois.gov.

Safety Suggestions for Grocery Stores and Shoppers 

The following are Illinois Department of Public Health links that offers some guidance for both grocery stores and shoppers guidance (available via this link) regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19 in grocery stores.  one-page info graphic (available via this link)

City Clerk Catizone Office Update 

Though the clerk’s office is not open to the public, it is pretty much business as usual otherwise.  My staff and I are happy to address any questions and concerns from residents and businesses, so please feel free to contact us at 708-598-4800.  If you know of any neighbors who might be interested in receiving these helpful emails, let them know they can submit their email to the City’s website.   The clerk’s office is also making wellness check phone calls to senior residents during this crisis.

We appreciate all the residents who have called to see if they could help in any way.  I would like to send a shout out and thank you to Ramona Stevens who donated groceries to add to donation box outside city hall.

Lastly, a new item “The Clerk’s Reading Corner” – Just finished reading “What Rose Forgot” by Nevada Barr and “Chris Cross” by James Patterson.  I am such a fan of James Patterson.  Reading takes me away to different times and places.  There is not a room in my house that doesn’t have some type of reading material.  Even though we cannot physically go to the library, remember that many titles are available in EBook or audio versions through Green Hills Public Library.

“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”  (Mary Schmich)

Stay Safe and Healthy,

D’Lorah Catizone
City Clerk
City of Hickory Hills

Lighter Side 
Fellow Gen Xers…..We Got This!  

It Took a Global Pandemic, But Generation X is Finally Getting Love

Gen X Musical Flashback….Echo and the Bunnymen.  Feels like I am back at college listening to this one.

I know that we have our share of coyotes here in Hickory Hills, but looks like they have the run of the City of Chicago now too. 


Hope your week got off to a good start.  Keep safe.

Mayor Mike