May 17, 2020 Update from the Mayor

May 17, 2020 Update from the Mayor

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) announced 2,432 new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois with 26,565 test specimens reported in the last 24 hours. Currently, IDPH has reported a total of 90,369 cases, including 4,058 deaths, in Illinois.  Hickory Hills now has 96 confirmed COVID cases and 2 deaths.

Elsie’s Food Pantry Says Thank You to Our Amazing Hickory Hills Residents

During these very trying times, our residents have responded to help our neighbors in need.  The below is a verbatim message from Beth Heinrich, the Director of Elsie’s Food Pantry:

Good morning! Just a quick update:  we received another $980 last week and $1,200 yesterday! We are so humbled and grateful!  We planned on buying more meat, but Wednesday one of our freezers started to fail. It’s temporarily fixed right now but a new freezer is inevitable. We will be getting a grant from the Greater Chicago food depository for that. We will be going out this weekend and purchasing more cereal, pasta and sauce as well as Mac and cheese and jelly ( we have plenty of peanut butter). Mayor Howley, if it wasn’t for the generous support of the Hickory Hills residents that donated, we would never be able to purchase what we have and will be purchasing. This is the kindest thing that has ever happened, at such a perfect time. Please, if you haven’t already, let the citizens know that 100% of the donations received will only go to purchasing food. Never has any volunteer, including myself, been paid. On May 5th we celebrated 20 years, and pray for at least that many more, as long as there is a need.

Last week we had 93 families, this week only 65 (we think because of the rain).  We broke a record for the month of April: we served 350 families, 1,127 individuals.

Unfortunately, this need will continue for the foreseeable future so I once again want to mention that anyone interested in donating may draft a check to Elsie’s Food Pantry and drop off in the city drop box in the city hall parking lot.

S&M Motors Open For Business Online or Visit Showroom By Appointment

S & M Auto Dealership, located at 7825 W. 95th Street in Hickory Hills, has a huge inventory of cars, including Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, Dodge, Jeep, many pick up trucks and more.   Check out their Hickory Hills inventory online at or call them at 708/529-1300.

The Shedd Aquarium presents….Sea Otter Grooming

Did you know that sea otters have the densest fur in the animal kingdom? One square inch of a sea otter’s fur has as many as 1 million hairs! The fur is designed to keep cold water out and body heat in, so otters spend much of their day grooming to ensure their fur’s effectiveness. Watch sea otter Kiana practicing self-care by cleaning, fluffing and waterproofing!

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Have a good week.

Mayor Mike