June 2, 2020 Update from the Mayor

June 2, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Citizen of Hickory Hills

Completely FALSE Internet Post About Looting in Hickory Hills!!

With all of us on heightened alert these days, I want to remind you to be extremely careful to obtain your information on national, regional and local news from reputable sources.   We live in a time where news stories purported to be fake often are accurate factual reports about important events.  Social media postings can be some of the most inaccurate information imaginable.  I will not even attempt to understand the reasoning or intent of people who purposely lie about true news events or those who post false, misleading and completely inaccurate information on the internet.  Below is one such COMPLETELY FALSE claim from last night.  There was NO looting, there was NO vandalism and there was NO public protest in Hickory Hills last night or at any point to date.  Myself, Clerk Dee Catizone, Chief Hobart, Public Works Director Lehr and all of our Aldermen promise to keep you fully apprised of what is happening in town with the pandemic, the protests and any other matter that you need to know about via Facebook, e-mail and/or E911 robocalls.    Difficult times are easier to deal with when we all care about one another.

looting - false

Though we still have not had any protest related incidents in our town, Police Chief Hobart will continue to keep a close watch on the situation and our police will remain on heightened alert with extra patrols deployed for the foreseeable future.  I would still suggest staying home or close to home again each evening until further notice.

Zoo Animals On The Loose….Not



Proper Water System Flushing Procedures For Vacant Buildings

Sue Lehr, our Public Works Director, reports that as we get closer to Phase 3 openings for most businesses, Public Works hopes that the people who are responsible for maintaining the buildings bring a vacated building’s water system back up properly. Flushing procedures vary. I ‘ve attached some flushing guidelines and also provided a CDC link.

Buildings with low or no usage should follow flushing recommendations before re-occupying. Flushing procedures vary but the idea is to flush the lines and achieve a maximized flow rate out of each outlet (faucet, showerhead, ice machine, dishwasher, utility sink, etc…) Start by removing any aerators, recommendations range for flushing 10 to 30 minutes out of each outlet. Start where the water enters the building, flushing the cold lines first then the hot water lines. Change all in-line filters, such as a filter in a refrigerator.


Van Crashes into Apartment Building Along 95th Street This Afternoon

Fortunately, there was no serious injuries, but the residents of this apartment building will be displaced until a structural inspection is completed.


Pathetic Losers

Sweet Dog Finds Forever Home


Please keep safe.


Mayor Mike