July 14, 2020 Update from the Mayor

July 14, 2020 Update from the Mayor

The state announced 883 new COVID cases on Monday, as well as 6 additional fatalities, bringing state totals to 154,799 new known cases and 7,193 deaths. The positivity rate for the state’s Northeast region ticked up to 4.2%.

Hickory Hills now has 156 confirmed COVID cases and sadly, last week our 5th resident passed away due to COVID.  Just yesterday I learned that a friend tested positive for COVID and was admitted to the hospital over the weekend.  Fortunately, there has been improvement each of the last two days.  I mention this as a reminder that even though we live in a state where virus trends are moving in the right direction, COVID remains with us.  Despite what non-doctors and non-scientists may say, you owe it to yourself and others to remain cautious and make sound decisions based upon proven science and public health recommendations.

Update from Elsie’s Food Pantry

Just an update on the pantry:  since the Greater Chicago food depository lost the fresh produce we received we have started to buy produce from Fairplay at a discounted price for the pantry. Last week and this week we will have produce, and we also had to buy spaghetti sauce and noodles ( which we normally get from USDA but didn’t this month. We spent $288 last week and another $203 this week. The manager from Fairplay is donating $150 worth of spaghetti noodles and more sauce. If we hadn’t received the funds from the generous people you reached out to, our account would now only have less than $2,000. With the number of clients we serve going up at least 50% every week, we are so fortunate to have plenty of food to give them. Please express our gratitude to those you have reached out to. I will keep you informed of any new happenings in our pantry. Sincerely, Beth

Shedd Aquarium News

Shedd’s organic gardens brim with colorful native flowers and heirloom edibles. But did you know our horticulturists Julie Taylor and Charlotte Blome grow flowers, fruits and vegetables for many of the animals in our care <http://email.wordfly.com/click?sid=MTQyMF8xMTk4OV8xNDQ1MTRfNzIwMA&l=fdbca0ec-5cc1-ea11-bd94-e61f134a8c87&utm_source=enews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=enews_mkt_ga_s&utm_content=version_B> ? Produce from our vegetable gardens add variety and enrichment to the regular food on the menus for the animals. Find out how you can “eat like the animals” with a garden.

Amazing Scientists Who Created Online Dashboard to Track COVID


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Glass of Water Please

Have a great Wednesday and keep safe!

Mayor Mike