July 9, 2020 Update from the Mayor

July 9, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Illinois reported 980 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, the highest daily total in more than a month.  Officials also announced 36 more deaths.The positivity rate for the state’s Northeast region — which includes Chicago and its suburbs — inched up slightly to 4.3%.  Meanwhile, the United States hit 3 million COVID-19 infections on Wednesday.  Hickory Hills now has 150 confirmed COVID cases and 4 related deaths.

Update from Hickory Hills Police Chief Charles Hobart

The Chicagoland area has some active ruse burglary crews out and about looking for their next victim.  As one of our former Lieutenants would say, “if you are looking for a victim, keep on looking”.TM  What that means is, you won’t find a victim here, as we are wise to your tricks.  As a community as a whole, we are great at not falling victim to their ruse but on occasion, their years of skilled deception catches one of us off guard.  Just to recap, a ruse burglary is when the offender uses a “ruse” or trick to distract you and divert your attention.  The common ruses are that the offender at your door is there to check your water or he wants to buy the trailer that is in your driveway.  They will use anything to distract you and they can be quite pushy.   Please remember, don’t allow anyone into your home unless you are certain you know them or you scheduled an appointment for them to be there.  I always say, when in doubt, just call the police at those three magic numbers, 911.  You are never bothering us and if on the rare chance it was a legit visitor to your home, no big deal, just another opportunity for us to say hello.

Hickory Residents Utilizing our Waste Management At Your Door Recycling Service

Below is just a one day snapshot of how much waste was properly recycled in our community thanks to your efforts.  Remember, simply call 1-800-449-7587 to schedule your electronic and household waste pick up.  There is no additional charge above what residents already pay on their refuse bill.  Alderman Brian Fonte has done a great job overseeing the management of this important program.

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