August 14, 2020 Update from the Mayor

August 14, 2020 Update from the Mayor

There are now 200 confirmed cases of COVID in Hickory Hills and 5 related deaths.  According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the recent percentage change in Hickory Hills is -33%.  Keep up the good work following science based public health guidelines!  While it is distressing to watch news footage of people blatantly ignoring these public health warnings, for the most part we each have the ability to protect ourselves by making smart decisions about wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding areas congested with people.

Recent percent change is calculated by comparing counts from the past 14 days to the 14 days preceding that. Percent change is not calculated if there were 1-4 cases in the past 14 days or in the 14 days preceding that. Negative numbers mean a town is likely trending down in new cases reported. Positive numbers mean a town is likely trending up.

Below is the most recent state by state date on COVID trends from Johns Hopkins University.


Recent Wind Storm Event

The severe storm that hit the city earlier this week resulted in some downed branches and unfortunately, nearly 350 residences and some commercial buildings without power for several days.   We feel bad about the inconvenience that those without power experienced, but on the whole, our city was spared the strongest impacts and damage from the storm.  Thanks to the persistence of Sue Lehr, our Public Works Director and our City Clerk, Dee Catizone, ComEd sent a dedicated crew to our area Wednesday evening to fix the damage and get everyone back online.

Census Update….Be Counted

The city receives funding from the federal government that is based on our population that is counted every 10 years.  This funding is used to help provide municipal services such as public works and public safety that benefit all in our community.  Please be sure to complete your census from on paper or online.  If you have not responded, there are census representatives going door to door in our community (following social distancing guidelines and the representative who visited our home is a Hickory Hills resident) to help ensure the Hickory Hills has an accurate count.  It is estimated that every person not counted is $1,579 of tax payer money that our city does not receive.   With so many new residents moving into town, it is important to properly account for everyone since an accurate count enhances the city’s ability to maintain quality city services.

Republican 3rd Congressional Candidate Mike Fricilone

Last week I included the audio from the Hills Chamber phone conference with 3rd Congressional District Democratic Candidate Marie Newman.  This week I include the audio for the Zoom Webinar with Mike Fricilone, 3rd Congressional District Republican Candidate. The entire audio is approximately 45 minutes long.


Lake Michigan Unsalted and Shark Free


Have a great weekend!

Mayor  Mike