February 14, 2024 Update from the Mayor

February 14, 2024 Update from the Mayor

Robbery At Chase Bank

Today at approximately 11:A.M., two male white offenders robbed Chase Bank at gunpoint. Officers were in the area and arrived within seconds after receiving a call from the Bank. Officers believe that the police response likely interrupted the bank robbery and caused them to flee.

Upon arrival, the offenders had already fled the Bank in a vehicle. The Hickory Hills Police Department and FBI are investigating.

The offenders are believed to be two middle aged offenders possibly wearing wigs. One wore a black or brown trench coat and the other wore a green jacket. Surveillance video from across the street shows a vehicle arrive and not park in a parking space and flee the scene.

Due to the quick response and belief that the offenders fled the scene in the vehicle, the police department determined that there was no risk to the general public in the area. Conrady Junior High School was placed on a soft lock down for a period of time after this situation.

Mayor Mike