August 2008 Artist Showcased at City Hall

Anthony Adcock

I am a lifelong resident of Hickory Hills. Art has been one of my main interests from a young age. I study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. This year I will complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in oil painting.

Although my major is oil painting, I am well practiced in many mediums, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, and sculpture. I use a realistic style in depicting figures from life, landscapes, and still life.

One of my most awarding experiences was my opportunity to travel to Tuscany, Italy, in order to stude Plein Air landscape painting. Not only did I experience painting landscapes in the open air, but I was able to visit the city of Florence, birth place of the Renaissance and many master painters and sculptors.

I choose to paint in a realistic and traditional style for numerous reasons. The work of traditional artists before me has influenced my work because of the respect I have for their precision and accuracy. More importantly, however, is my desire to constantly be challenged, and a realistic style, in my experience, challenges me the most. Creating a realistic piece means that there are always improvements to be made and improving my ability as an artist is always my objective.