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2013 Lights of Hickory Hills Contest


The winners of the 2013 Lights of Hickory Hills Contest were recently announced. They were judged by the Aldermen of each ward. Winners will be acknowledged at the January 9th Council meeting. Congratulations to all the winners.

First Ward:

1st Place Cordova Residence
9026 S. 79th Avenue

2nd Place Pilafas Residence
7912 W. 99th Street

Second Ward:

1st Place Czernik Residence
9330 S. 86th Court

2nd Place Muhr Residence
9225 S. 86th Court

Third Ward:

1st Place Stewart Residence
9028 Forest Lane

2nd Place Cooper Residence
9240 S. 89th Avenue

Fourth Ward:

1st Place Gilligan Residence
8809 S. 85th Avenue

2nd Place Kubis Residence
8800 S. 83rd Avenue