August 24, 2017 City Council Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2017 City Council Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Hickory Hills City Council was called to order by Mayor Mike Howley on Thursday,
August 24, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.


Mayor Mike Howley led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Upon roll call, the following were present:

  • Mayor, M. Howley
    Aldermen, B. Fonte
    T. McAvoy
    M. McHugh
    J. Stachnik (7:32 pm)
    J. Szeszycki
    B. Waight
    S. Zimmerman
  • City Clerk, D. Catizone
  • City Attorney, G. Perlman
  • City Treasurer, D. Schramm
  • Police Chief, A. Vodicka
  • Public Works Director, L. Boettcher
  • Building Commissioner, J. Moirano

Alderman Ferrero and City Engineer Mike Spolar were absent. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order.


Alderman McAvoy moved to open the meeting to the public. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McAvoy, McHugh, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. So approved.

John & Peggy Skowron
9300 S. 80th Court
Hickory Hills

Mrs. Skowron voiced her concerns with several issues near her home. She noted there is garbage being thrown from cars onto her property and along the street. Another issue is dogs at large which are not on leashes and owners not picking up waste. Mrs. Skowron also noted a neighbor’s property has trash all over, tall grass, broken bottles, rodents and skunks which are now present on her property. Mrs. Skowron mentioned there is a vacant house on the block that is looking worse all the time. Mayor Howley acknowledged that the Skowrons have a beautiful home which he has seen personally. He realizes she and her husband work very hard on their property. Mayor Howley stated the City can help with the issue of the dogs at large by contacting owners. He noted with regards to the neighbor, the City will investigate this property for code violations. There was some discussion on placing no littering signs in the area and also the possibility of a letter being sent to the businesses to provide trash cans near the exits. Mayor Howley recommended meeting with Public Works and the Aldermen to investigate options for this area.


Alderman Stachnik moved to close the meeting to the public. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McAvoy, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. So approved.


Alderman Szeszycki moved to approve the minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of August 10, 2017 as printed subject to deletions or corrections. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. Aldermen McAvoy and McHugh pass. So approved.



Res. #17-06 – Mayor Howley presented Resolution #17-05, a resolution
commemorating Moraine Valley Community College’s 50th Anniversary. Alderman McHugh moved to approve Res. #17-06. Alderman Fonte second.
Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. Alderman McAvoy present. So approved.

Constitution Week – Mayor Howley presented a proclamation for Constitution Week September 17th through September 23rd. Mayor Howley stated this is the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States.

Mayor Howley thanked the Building Department for their assistance in having the fence removed from the rear lot of Camelot Banquets and the apartment building across from City Hall.

IML Conference – Mayor Howley announced the 2017 104th Annual IML Conference will be held September 21-23, 2017. Robinson Engineering will also be hosting a party on Friday, September 22nd. Please respond if you plan on attending.

Alderman Tom McAvoy – Mayor Howley stated at this time Alderman Tom McAvoy would like to address the City Council. Alderman Tom McAvoy has submitted his resignation as of August 31, 2017. Alderman McAvoy turned in his Alderman badge to the City Clerk. He started by saying after 14 years and 115 days it has been a great run. Tom said the most important words one can say is “thank you”. He thanked all the members of the Council and highlighted some of his fond memories of each one of them. Alderman McAvoy also made the recommendation the Council at next budget review consider hiring a Deputy City Clerk to work under the current City Clerk. Lastly, he thanked his wife, Erin and family for always supporting him. That concluded his final report.

At this time, Council members expressed their appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of Alderman Tom McAvoy. Mayor Howley expressed his appreciation for all the efforts of the 3rd Ward Alderman Tom McAvoy. Mayor Howley explained the City would like to honor him at a later date.


Clerk Catizone announced the Hickory Hills Blood Drive will be held this Sunday, August 27th at the Community Center from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Clerk Catizone noted the deadline for newsletter articles is September 15th. The newsletter will be mailed to residents the first week of October.

Clerk Catizone stated the “At Your Door Special Collection Service” has made 350 pickups from January through August or approximately 10% of the residents.

Block Party Request – Clerk Catizone reported she is in receipt of a block party request from Mr. and Mrs. Darrah. They are requesting closure of 81st Avenue from 92nd Place to 93rd Street on Saturday, September 16th from 1:00 p.m. to dusk. No objections were noted.

MCI Scholarship – Clerk Catizone announced she has been awarded the Bertha Eleanor Rohrback Scholarship toward attendance at the 2017 Municipal Clerks of Illinois Academy in Springfield on October 10th through October 13th.


No report submitted.


Ord. 17-09 – Attorney Perlman presented Ordinance 17-09, an ordinance levying taxes for general corporate and other purposes for the fiscal year beginning May 1, 2017 and ending April 30, 2018 for the City of Hickory Hills, Cook County, Illinois. Alderman McHugh moved to approve Ordinance 17-09, an ordinance levying taxes for general corporate and other purposes for fiscal year 2017-2018. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McAvoy, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. So approved.


Mr. Spolar was absent. No report.



Alderman Szeszycki moved to approve the bills payable for the first half of August 2017 in the amount of $667,904.94. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McAvoy, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. So approved.



Alderman Szeszycki distributed the current video gaming revenue report.

Alderman Szeszycki reported he has met with IML Risk Management Association regarding the City’s Property & Casualty and Workman’s Compensation Insurance. He is also waiting for another bid from Gallagher Bassett. The bids will be reviewed and the numbers will be investigated and presented at the next Council meeting in September.

Alderman Szeszycki also met with Alliant/Mesirow regarding employee health insurance renewals. Firm figures will be given to him soon and he will meet with the employee insurance committee next Thursday. Alderman Szeszycki will present these numbers at the September 14th Council meeting.

Alderman Szeszycki wished Alderman McAvoy best of luck in the future.

Stachnik/Public Safety

Alderman Stachnik expressed his appreciation for Alderman McAvoy. He noted he will remember Tom the most for his good nature to residents and his excellent writing skills.

Zimmerman/Public Works

Mr. Boettcher reported at the last council meeting Mr. Spolar distributed a bid package addressing the flooding issue at the 87th Avenue Cul-De-Sac drainage. Public Works never saw the drawings on this project or the bid date. Public Works recommends that this project be postponed until next year to assure the City that the area remains able to plow for this winter, and a more competitive bid could be received by the City. Mr. Boettcher noted City Engineer Mike Spolar stated the project was not advertised at this time. No objections were noted.

Alderman Zimmerman stated he appreciated all Tom’s hard work over the years and thanked him again.


Alderman McHugh reported Parkview Apartments will have the 4th building treated with Perma-Seal. The Community Center has had an issue with the air conditioning and this is being repaired.

Alderman McHugh also thanked Alderman McAvoy for his service and the fun times at the Street Fair Bingo and Beer Tent.

Waight/Laws & Ordinances

Alderman Waight presented one (1) business certificate application for RC Advisors, Inc. located at 8855 S. Roberts Road. Mrs. Renata Chlebek is the owner and will be helping client complete forms. No objections were noted.

Alderman Waight thanked Alderman McAvoy for all his help and stated he lights up every room he enters.

Fonte/Health & Environmental Control

Alderman Fonte requested the “At Your Door Special Service Collection” information be in the next newsletter.

Alderman Fonte thanked Alderman McAvoy for taking him under his wing and showing him the ropes as Alderman. He said there is so much he has learned from him and he enjoyed listening to his stories and absorbing his knowledge.

Ferrero/Community Affairs/Youth Advisory

Alderman Ferrero was absent. No report submitted.

McAvoy/Chamber Business Development

No report submitted.


Building Commissioner John Moirano expressed his appreciation to Alderman Tom McAvoy and he will truly miss him.

Alderman McHugh is in receipt of a request from the Roberts Roadhouse to hold their Annual Rib Contest on Saturday, September 2, 2017. No objections were noted.




Alderman McAvoy moved to adjourn until the next scheduled or specially called meeting. Alderman Waight second. Roll call: Aldermen Fonte, McAvoy, McHugh, Stachnik, Szeszycki, Waight, Zimmerman aye. So approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.