April 4, 2020 Update from the Mayor

April 4, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Does not feel like a Saturday night as most days run together these days….at least for me.  Since this is the weekend,  I hope you do not mind if I send out a light update this evening.

If you know of anyone who you think might like to receive these regular updates, please ask them to access our city website at hickoryhillsil.org and just sign up for e-mail and our Facebook page.  They also may e-mail hhclerk@hickoryhillsil.org and just ask to be added.


I know that we are all amazed and humbled at the courage health care workers display on a daily basis.  We are forever grateful to all of them.  I also would like recognize the amazing job our city employees are doing throughout this crisis.  Our police, public works and clerk and building departments remain on the job every day serving the needs of our community.  If you see any of them please consider thanking them…..from a safe distance of course.  In particular, our police and public works colleagues have regular and at times uncontrolled exposure to the public, but they continue to serve our city’s needs.  I know you join me in wishing them good health and safety each and every day.


Just a reminder that we are seeking Facebook posts from our friends, neighbors and fellow Hickory Hills citizens that show them engaging in a family friendly, activity that helps them through the Stay at Home order.  We are adding more, but the first photo added was one of Alderman Brian Waight’s daughter giving him a hair cut on the back deck.  Maybe Erin Crouse McAvoy will send one in of her with her daughter and dog E.T.?  😊


We can never lose our ability to laugh….especially in difficult times.  I know that I keep throwing Sebastian Maniscalco comedy routines on these posts, but they are pretty spot on with what we are all going through.  Since the grocery store is lifeline to all of us more than ever, this one is about the check out line.  The second video is from a Seinfeld episode about hand washing.

All of you are doing an amazing job with the social distancing.  So proud of our community!

Mayor Mike