May 10, 2020 Update from the Mayor

May 10, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Hickory Hills now has 90 confirmed COVID cases and 2 confirmed deaths.

How To Purchase Cloth Face Masks 

As you may have heard, multiple members of the White House Staff recently tested positive for COVID, including President Trump’s personal valet, Vice President Pence’s Press Secretary and Ivanka Trump’s Assistant.  Multiple staff members are now in self quarantine.  If this can happen to those at the highest levels of our government it certainly demonstrates  that we all must remain vigilant to follow the direction of public health officials with respect to wearing masks in public, washing hands frequently and following social distancing guidelines.  As state economies open at  varying stages, we cannot let our guard down just because we have grown bored or become restless about public health restrictions.  As we all wait to see what the new normal will be, please continue to make safe decisions to protect your own health and the health of those around us.   I thought the below article might be of interest in regard to what to look for when purchasing a face mask.


FDR in Time of Crisis

I hope all of the mothers had a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day!  You all deserve it!!


Very Special Mother’s Day

World’s Greatest Mom


Dinner with the Gaffigans


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