July 22, 2020 Update from the Mayor

July 22, 2020 Update from the Mayor

Illinois health officials announced 955 new known cases of COVID-19 and 23 additional fatalities. There are now 170 confirmed cases of COVID in Hickory Hills with 5 related deaths.

At a recent press conference President Trump said that wearing face masks “have an impact” (on the spread of the virus) and urged Americans to wear a mask. President Trump also recently wore a mask in public during his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.


Hickory Hills City Hall Scheduled to Reopen to the Public Monday, August 3

We have missed you!

Clerk Dee Catizone and the rest of her office and the Building Department are happy to announce that City Hall will re-open to the public on Monday, August 3rd.

The safety of our residents and staff continues to be our top priority.  Here is what you can expect when visiting City Hall:

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Clear protective barrier at Clerk’s window and Building Dept. Windows
  • Floor distance markers
  • Staff will wear masks when assisting the public and residents required to wear masks inside the building
  • Sanitizer available upon entering

Update from Public Works

Over the next two weeks, the landscape beds at the bottom of the lightpoles along 95th Street, the landscaped area on north side of 89th Street retention pond and the small park at corner of 87th and Roberts Road.  Work continues on the decorative brickwork on the sides of the digital message board at 87th Street and 88th Avenue.

Knock, Knock….anyone home?

America Strong Sneakers for Soldiers


Our Own Local Veteran Hero Needs Your Help to Assist Soldiers

I am guessing that most of you know Jim Kruse, the local army veteran who for many years has led a group of dedicated local volunteers each month with the collection, packaging and mailing of care packages to our soldiers serving overseas.  Donated items are stored in a large room at the Hickory Hills Community Center and then volunteers meet there each month to box the items into care packages.  Jim and his volunteers are passionate about assuring that our military members know that they are appreciated and not forgotten even during the pandemic.  It has been difficult for Jim and gang to continue this important volunteer effort due to COVID.  Nevertheless, with some easing of the restrictions, their group is ready to begin donation collection again and are asking us to consider donating if possible.  Below is a message that I recently received from Jim Kruse….whatever you can do to further this cause would be most appreciated!

I have two new locations where you can drop off donated items for the troops. The first is a great Coffee shop, Strange Brew located at 8650 W 103rd  in Palos Hills.  He has great coffee and you can sign a card for the troops there also. You might even see me there reading a book and drinking great coffee.

The other location is Peppo’s Sandwich shop at 10303 S. Roberts Rd. Palos Hills. This eating establishment is run by a Vietnam vet and his son a Middle East Conflict vet. They are really, great people and their sandwiches are amazing. I try to get there once every week to sample their fantastic fare.

Please there is a list at each place of items we need. Hopefully, you can find it in your heart to donate so our men and women in harms way can know that the people back here love and support them. God bless you all, God bless our troops and God please watch over this county and its people.

Jim Kruse

There is a more detailed list at Strange Brew and Peppo’s, but donations can include:

DVDs, CDs, video games, etc.

Candy, Packaged Snacks and Other Food

Books and Magazines

Toiletries and hygiene products

Board games and decks of cards

Have a Great Thursday!

Mayor Mike