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Pay Cook County Property Taxes Through October 1 With No Penalty


Second Installment Cook County property tax bills are due August 3, 2020, but property owners have two extra months to pay without a late fee according to Treasurer Maria Pappas.

“In my nearly 22 years as Treasurer, I’ve never told people not to pay their taxes,” Pappas said. “But the pandemic has changed a lot of things. If you’ve lost your job and don’t have the money, you do not have to pay until October 1, 2020.”

Property owners can pay the Second Installment without a late fee through October 1.

To download a copy of your tax bill or to make a payment, visit cookcountytreasurer.com:
• Select the blue box labeled “Pay Online for Free”
• Search by property address or enter your Property Index Number (PIN)
• There is no fee if you pay from your bank account

You may also use cookcountytreasurer.com to:
• Search $75 million in available refunds going back 20 years
• See if you are missing out on $34 million in senior exemptions going back four years