April 9, 2021 Update from the Mayor

April 9, 2021 Update from the Mayor

Arbor Day Food Drive

Due to the pandemic, we have changed our annual Arbor Day celebration to an event that celebrates our environment and helps those in need in our community.  Special thanks to Alderman Debbie Ferrero, Public Works Director Sue Lehr and the city’s Community Affairs Committee volunteers for their creativity in helping modify this event so that it can safely benefit the earth and people in need.  Details below. 

drive thru

Fire Destroys Home of Hickory Hills Police Radio Operator  

Justin Haubenriser is a full-time radio operator with the Hickory Hills Police Department.  Justin also is a part-time police officer in Willow Springs.  On April 5, 2021, a fire destroyed Justin’s home and most of his family belongings.  Fortunately, his family survived, but tragically, two family pets perished in the blaze.  Attached below is the link to the GoFundMe page created to help Justin and his family get back on their feet.  Kindly consider donating if you are able.   


Don’t Mess with Darth

No Doggie Paddle

Stay safe and have a nice weekend.

Mayor Mike