October 18, 2022 Update from the Mayor

October 18, 2022 Update from the Mayor

Conrady Crossing Guard Recovering from Car Accident

Many may have heard that a driver struck Mary Ann Anifer, the beloved Conrady crossing guard who has worked her crossing post since 2010.  The driver was quickly apprehended several blocks south of the incident.  However, Mary Ann suffered a severe broken leg and was immediately rushed to the hospital.  The good news is that Mary Ann recently was sent home to continue her recovery and will soon be receiving physical therapy.  After speaking with Mary Ann several times, I was so pleased to hear that she remains remains her usual optimistic self and is determined to make a fully recovery so she can go back to, as she said…. “keeping her children safe.”   

Hickory Hills Partners with Waste Management for Convenient Plastic Bag Recycling

Alderman Brian Fonte, the Head of the City’s Health, Environmental Control and Recycling Committee recently announced that Waste Management has selected Hickory Hills as its first municipality to participate in its plastic bag recycling pilot program.  While no doubt convenient to use, single use plastic bags have had a horrible environmental impact as they rarely are recycled and often end up in landfills, rivers, lakes and other waterways.  Over time, the bags break down into microplastics which cause further environemental harm. 

Effective immediately, AT NO ADDED COST, residents of Hickory Hills have a convenient and effective way to recycle plastic bags, stretchy food bags, plastic case wrap, and even shipping packages like FedEx and Amazon!  Simply place these items in your recycling bin each week and be assured that the bags will be properly processed from there.  More detailed information on the program is below, but this is such an easy way to be environmentally friendly.   This program starts immediately and will run indefinitely.  Importantly, you can place the bags in with all regular recycling materials.

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Have a great rest of the week.

Mayor Mike