May 1, 2024 Update from the Mayor

May 1, 2024 Update from the Mayor

Fore!!   Updates from Hickory Hills Country Club

Just wanted to share some news on local improvements at our local Hickory Hills Country Club.  The owners and management team have been making significant improvements to the course itself and recently added cutting edge video technology to its driving range.  Please see the course newsletter below regarding the improvements and some upcoming spring, summer and fall events at the course.


Hickory Hills Golf Club April Newsletter  
Hello Fellow Golfers,

Another golf year is upon us. Hope you all had a great off season. I wanted to make you aware of some of the things that we got going this season.

First, if you haven’t checked out the driving range over at PGN you should. We’ve added Top Tracer Technology to 24 of the bays. The analytics are impressive. It will tell you how far you hit it, ball speed, trajectory, the amount the ball curved etc. In addition, you can play different courses from all over the country. We are looking to have a PGA instructor to give lessons over there. If you know of someone that would be interested, tell them to give us a call.

We have several outings scheduled this year where they either start at 8am or 1pm. Our plan is to have two shotguns on those days. One for the outing, the other we would sell a maximum of 18 foursomes that would all start at the same time on different holes. This is a great opportunity to have that small outing you might have thought about. Here are the days and times that we have currently scheduled.

6/15/24 8am shotgun 18 foursomes
6/22/24 8am shotgun 18 foursomes
6/28/24 8am shotgun 18 foursomes
7/10/24 1:30pm shotgun 18 foursomes
8/15/24 8am shotgun 18 foursomes
8/16/24 8am shotgun 18 foursomes

On a sad note, we lost our Course Superintendent, Lyle Craig, to a heart attack over the winter. He was only 52. He was a great guy that loved working at Hickory. He had a real vision of what he wanted Hickory Hills to become. We are fortunate to have found Justin Spillman to fill Lyle’s shoes. He is looking to implement all the different projects that Lyle started and has some great ideas of his own.

Last year we had our inaugural Hickory Open. We are going to change the name of the Tournament to the Lyle Craig Memorial Open. It will be held on 9/15/24 with a 1:30 shotgun. Start thinking about who your partner should be and remember that you’ll need to have 10 rounds posted by 9/8/24. The format will be the same one best ball. We are looking to have a couple’s league on Friday evenings. Teeing off at 5pm playing nine holes and then coming in for a little buffet dinner afterwards. Let us know if you have interest.

We are also looking to start a women’s 9-hole league that would be played out on the North course during the week. Again, if you have interest let us know at the front desk. As always Thanks for your support.     

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Mayor Mike